1, the working principle of energy-saving lamp and led lamp is different, energy-saving lamp is through tungsten wire energized heat generated by the electron luminescence, led lamp is formed by led lamp beads in series, and is formed by light emitting diode after AC 200 volts power supply into voltage formation of luminous body.

First of all, let's analyze what energy-saving lamp is

Some customers said they were curious to see a black-light LED display on the market, since most of the current displays on the market are white-light. In fact, this is a different from the white light LED display packaging technology. As for what's going on, what's the difference between the two? Here we have gathered some information that we hope will solve your doubts.

Lamps and lanterns as closely related items in the family, many people ignore the importance of it, each room for the style and demand are not the same. Compared with everyone is also very confused about the choice of lamps, then follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to see what needs to be paid attention to when decorating lamps.

1, LED lamps should pay attention to regularly clean the dust and dirt on the lamp shell, keep the shell clean, can improve the lighting effect and heat dissipation performance of the lamp, cleaning method according to the lamp shell protection ability and change. For example, the protection level of lamps and lanterns is IP65, then we know that 6 is the dust-proof level, meaning that dust is completely prevented from entering; 5 indicates the waterproof level, which means that there is no harm in rinsing with water. Therefore, when we clean with water jet, we should cut off the power supply. It is strictly prohibited to scrub the plastic shell of the lamp with dry cloth (transparent) to prevent static electricity.

What are explosion-proof lights? Where is it used? 1 Overview, "Is the explosion-proof lamp produced by your factory explosion-proof for light bulbs?" In our minds, the common light bulb is the incandescent lamp, the yellow light bulb in the hometown is, and the energy-saving lamp, and the explosion-proof lamp contact is less, even have not seen. So what is the explosion-proof light, explosion-proof light is generally used in what place

When it comes to lighting installation, many people will despise it: lights, small objects, the line, switch and socket are well distributed in the early stage of water and electricity transformation, and a few lights matching indoor style will be done on the market. Not so much.

At the beginning of the New Year, the leaders of Chengdu Tianxing Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call of government departments and departments to resume work and production. From the purchase of epidemic prevention materials to the formulation of relevant plans and emergency plans, all work of the resumption of work and production is being fully implemented.

The Provincial Information Department and the provincial Communications Administration recently jointly issued the "On the launch of 2020 Sichuan Province to accelerate the development of 5G special action told", clear this year the province will build a new 5G base station 30,000, by the end of the year to complete 21 cities (prefectures) and all counties (cities, districts) 5G network cover.

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