Sichuan will build 30,000 5G base stations this year

Release time:2020-04-28

Category: News

The Provincial Information Department and the provincial Communications Administration recently jointly issued the "On the launch of 2020 Sichuan Province to accelerate the development of 5G special action told", clear this year the province will build a new 5G base station 30,000, by the end of the year to complete 21 cities (prefectures) and all counties (cities, districts) 5G network cover.
The main urban area of Chengdu and various regional central cities will be key areas in the early stage of the construction of 5G base stations. The main urban area of Chengdu was fully covered up this year, and the main urban area of the regional central city was completely covered up continuously. At the county (city, district) level, 1338 5G base stations will be added in 143 counties (city, district) in the province this year. In the construction of the major will be extended to the key towns with conditions, and the key will cover 5G+ industrial, agricultural, cultural and tourism, commercial and other usage scenarios.
In terms of construction planning, Sichuan Tower will take the lead and basic telecom enterprises will cooperate to strengthen the site planning and resource support of 5G base station. Plan for 5G base station sites in 21 cities (prefectures) will be completed within this year. This year, the deployment needs of 5G stations will be taken into account when building, upgrading and expanding public transport, public places and parks.
"Tell" also points out the straight use and development of 5G industry in our province. “ 5G+ Industrial Internet ” “ 5G+4K/8K Ultra HD video ” “ 5G+ medical and health; “ 5G+ Internet of Vehicles; Categories and so on. According to the plan, this year, the province will excavate and build 2-3 demonstration pilots of 5G and industrial integration, and 2-3 examples of excellent service of enterprise industrial Internet external network; Gather more than 50 influential 5G industrial enterprises, with an industrial planning of 20 billion yuan, and strive to cultivate 1-2 unicorn enterprises.


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