[Start of business] Star lighting play a good epidemic prevention "defense" orderly resumption of work and production

Release time:2020-04-28

Category: News

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the leaders of Chengdu Tianxing Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call of government departments and departments to resume work and production. From the purchase of epidemic prevention materials to the formulation of relevant plans and emergency plans, all the work of resuming work and production was fully implemented.

The COVID-19 prevention and control leading group was set up to prepare materials and materials for the resumption of work and production step by step, and actively cooperated with the government, the Bureau of economy and information Technology, the Bureau of market regulation, and the health and epidemic prevention authorities to review, approve and put on record within a short period of time, which was approved for the resumption of work. After the resumption of work and production, we strictly followed the resumption plan and epidemic prevention emergency plan, without any negligence or slack, and devoted 100 percent effort and attitude to every employee who stood by and protected the company. We will continue to improve every task assigned by government agencies, calmly face every inspection after the resumption of work, and steadily advance the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia.