Lamps and lanterns buy four misunderstandings

Release time:2020-02-27

When it comes to lighting installation, many people will despise it: lights, small objects, the line, switch and socket are well distributed in the early stage of water and electricity transformation, and a few lights matching indoor style will be done on the market. Not so much.

Myth # 1

Lack of lighting knowledge, choosing lights only by looking at the eye

Quite a number of users lack the understanding of lighting professional knowledge, in the purchase of lamps, usually only pay attention to the appearance, energy saving and power size, as for lamps illumination, color temperature, color development and other indicators related to the health of the lighting environment, very little. In fact, too strong or too weak illumination, inappropriate color temperature, color rendering, easy to make people irritable, depressed mood.

Myth # 2

No prior planning, decoration at the end of the lamp selection

How to install the main light, where to install the switch socket, whether to spot light, where to put the floor lamp, how to choose the control mode of lamps is not said to be installed, not only related to the overall planning of space lighting, but also involved in the transformation of the circuit. Not only will the house not look beautiful, but too much or too little light will affect the comfort of home life.

Myth No. 3

Focus only on lighting, ignore decoration

In addition to the artistic lantern as the main lamp, the decorative effect of the room is self-evident, wall lamp, LED adjustable light is hanging on the wall of a scenery; The small chandelier, floor lamp or table lamp in the corner can not only create a richer light source, but also create a warm and romantic room atmosphere.

Myth # 4

Only pay attention to the sky lights, ignore the ground lights

Sky lights mainly refer to lights on the roof of houses. The general family in the ceiling decoration, will use the lamp planning in the part. Floor lights mainly refer to footlights. When getting up at night, if you open ordinary lamps and lanterns, too strong light will strongly stimulate the eyes, will affect the next sleep, switch and so on. The soft light of the footlamp makes people more comfortable and does not affect the continuity of sleep. The floor light with intelligent induction does not need to be manually switched on and off. It will automatically emit soft light when people are active at night. It is especially suitable for families with children and the elderly.