What are explosion-proof lights and where are they used

Release time:2020-02-27

What are explosion-proof lights? Where is it used?

"Is the explosion-proof lamp produced by your factory explosion-proof for light bulbs?" In our minds, the common light bulb is the incandescent lamp, the yellow light bulb in the hometown is, and the energy-saving lamp, and the explosion-proof lamp contact is less, even have not seen. So what is the explosion-proof light in the end? Where is the explosion-proof light generally used?

2 Explosion-proof principle

In fact, explosion-proof lamp is not bulb explosion-proof, bulb or ordinary bulb, whether incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, infinitive lamp or LED lamp is just the light source, they are not explosion-proof, but to them with an explosion-proof lamp shell, and the way into the line are threaded knob. Explosion-proof lamp is to prevent internal arc, spark and high temperature may be produced, so as to achieve explosion-proof effect.

3 Explosion-proof place

Let's take a look at where explosion-proof lights are commonly used.

Like this lamp in ordinary places generally will not be used, we commonly see the gas station will use 40wLED explosion-proof floodlight this light, drive to gas when you look at it; Some places to paint cars, furniture, machinery and equipment (such as painting rooms) will also install explosion-proof lights, because paint is also flammable goods;

Similar to some grain and oil equipment above the leach, reaction kettle above, CNC lathe above basically should be installed explosion-proof hole lamp;

In places with a lot of dust, such as the workshop that buffed the automobile hub, and the workshop that made fans, dust explosion-proof lamps had to be installed;

As well as power plants, chemical plants, oil depots, coal plants and other places are commonly used for explosion-proof lamps.