Decoration lamp selection is wrong, may hurt the eyes, lamp precautions are all here

Release time:2020-02-27

Lamps and lanterns as closely related items in the family, many people ignore the importance of it, each room for the style and demand are not the same. Compared with everyone is also very confused about the choice of lamps, then follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to see what needs to be paid attention to when decorating lamps.

The selection of lamps and lanterns should first pay attention to the overall decoration style, in addition to the selection of lamps and lanterns should pay attention to the style of the lamp itself, but also to see the effect of the lamp opened. Lamps and lanterns generally occupy 10 of the decoration cost. From the point of view of power saving, it is best to choose energy-saving lamp sources such as LED. Lighting has the role of foil indoor atmosphere, so it is necessary to set up different lamps in different rooms. If you want to save electricity, it is recommended to use LED lights to save energy.

The living room can choose chandelier or ceiling lamp as the main lamp source, the living room as an important place for leisure and visitors, lamps and lanterns are a good display means, but also can better sublimate the decoration style. If the living room pattern is irregular or larger, the light can not completely cover the room, so you can choose some local lighting to solve this problem, and play the decorative effect. Such as the sofa next to the forehead floor lamp, wall lamp, chandelier on the spotlights or lamp belt can be.

The overall lighting of the kitchen should be bright, cold light is a better choice if the dark corner appears because of the cabinet and so on, you can install spotlights on the cabinet and walls.

Bedroom lighting should not be too bright, should give people a warm and comfortable feeling, warm light is a better choice, you can choose wall lamp and bedside lamp as auxiliary light source, you can choose cold color and warm color two lamp sources, because now people use mobile phones more, if dim light will hurt the eyes, so in addition to rest bedroom can use incandescent lamp as a light source. The bedroom lamp is suggested to choose two-way switch, convenient to turn off the lamp when going to the bathroom at night.

The lighting of the toilet is suitable for bright, because the toilet will be more humid so the choice of lamps and lanterns should pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof to prevent safety risks.

Restaurant lighting should be biased to warm, can stimulate the appetite.

Again to introduce the classification of lamps and lanterns in family decoration, convenient for everyone to choose.

1, the chandelier: the living room is mostly, the installation needs the height of the house cannot be too short.

2, ceiling light: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom can be used, very versatile.

3, down light: generally installed in the living room sanitary ceiling, as the main light source atmosphere.

4. Wall lamp: as long as it is used as a lamp in the bathroom and bedroom.

5, floor lamp: as a local lighting use, can foil the overall atmosphere.

6, table lamp: as a bedroom or study auxiliary lamp source.


(Provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network)