Analysis of the difference between white LED and black LED display

Release time:2020-02-27

Some customers said they were curious to see a black-light LED display on the market, since most of the current displays on the market are white-light. In fact, this is a different from the white light LED display packaging technology. As for what's going on, what's the difference between the two? Here we have gathered some information that we hope will solve your doubts.

1. Concept

1, white light LED display

LED is assembled by plastic support and luminous wafer. In the early days, luminous wafer was not bright enough, so engineers shaped the plastic support into a white bowl to enhance the focusing reflection, so as to ensure that the chip with low brightness can achieve a brighter effect. But the white lamp also has disadvantages, to show black, gray, his light emitting diode (white) also participates in the electronic display screen to express the color, which produces color distortion (can not show black, gray, dark green, etc.). Engineers compensate for the chip's lack of brightness by losing color expressiveness.

2, black light LED display

Now, when the LED luminance is getting bigger and bigger, the LED tube does not need to be made white to achieve satisfactory results. In order to meet people's requirements for image fidelity, some manufacturers began to develop black light LED to improve the contrast of LED display.

To sum up, the black light display is the use of packaging plastic bracket for black LED screen. The black light display has a higher contrast ratio and a more uniform background color throughout the screen.

With the increasingly high display requirements of customers, LED display technology continues to progress, black light LED display will become one of the market products, we wait and see.