led energy-saving lamp broken how to repair? Maintenance method of led energy-saving lamp

Release time:2020-02-25

Category: Star dynamics

Repair methods for broken led lights are as follows:

1. First, turn off the lighting air switch.

2. Remove the shell of the led ceiling light with the help of the folding ladder, and check whether there is any dark hair in the lamp tube. If so, chances are the tube is damaged and must be replaced.

3. It is to check whether the contact head of the led lamp has electricity. If not, it should be the problem of the switch or the line.

4. If the above problems do not happen, you can check whether the ballast is in good condition, whether there is burning smell, and whether there is black burning phenomenon on the surface of the ballast; If so, there is a high probability that the ballast is the problem, just replace it.

Working principle of led energy-saving lamp

led lamp is used for light-emitting diode lighting, which is a kind of semiconductor device that can directly convert electric energy into light energy. After power-on, it converts 90% of the electric energy into light energy, and the rest of the electric energy generates a small amount of heat energy when the semiconductor device works, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 90%.

In a word, led energy-saving lamps do not need filament heating, is a cold light source, different from other lamps emit light inevitably heating principle, abandon the process of converting electric energy into heat energy and then into light energy, directly convert electric energy into light energy, in the case of producing the same brightness, the consumption of energy is the least. Therefore, led energy-saving lamps save energy than other lamps.