What are led CFLS?

Release time:2020-02-25

What are led CFLS?

First of all, let's analyze what energy-saving lamp is

The official name of energy saving lamp is rare earth three primary color compact fluorescent lamp, was born in the Netherlands in the 1970s Philips company. Under the premise of achieving the same light output, this kind of light source only needs to consume 1/5 to 1/4 of the electricity consumption of ordinary incandescent lamps, which can save a lot of lighting energy and costs, so it is called energy-saving lamp.

We are analyzing what kind of lamp is energy-saving from the efficiency of converting electricity into light?

Incandescent lamps have a limit of 20 lumens per watt, let's say 30 lumens. We all know that 80% of the electric energy of an incandescent lamp is converted to heat.

1-80%) =6 lumens/watts

The light emitting limit of CFLS is 50 lumens per watt (50 lumens ×1-80%÷1/5) =50 lumens/watt

The luminous limit of LED lamp is 600 lumens, and at present most domestic manufacturers can produce 50-60 lumens/watt of LED lamp.

It can be seen that as long as the LED luminous efficiency reaches 50 lumens/watt or above, it can be called LED energy-saving lamp.