What's the difference between led lights and CFLS

Release time:2020-02-25

What's the difference between led lights and CFLS

1, the working principle of energy-saving lamp and led lamp is different, energy-saving lamp is through tungsten wire energized heat generated by the electron luminescence, led lamp is formed by led lamp beads in series, and is formed by light emitting diode after AC 200 volts power supply into voltage formation of luminous body.

2. Compared from the brightness, the brightness of led lamp is much higher than that of energy-saving lamp, and the power is larger than that of energy-saving lamp.

3. Under the same light flux, the consumption of led lamp is only 1/4 of that of energy-saving lamp. It can be said that the energy consumed by led lamp is very low, and it can also achieve a better energy-saving effect.

4. The service life of led lamp is different from that of energy-saving lamp. The service life of led lamp can normally reach more than 50,000 to 100,000 hours, while the service life of energy-saving lamp is only about 5000 hours.

5, compared from the environmental performance, the advantages of led lights will be more obvious, led lights are not any harmful substances, and the material selected is also very safe and environmental protection, and there are harmful substances such as mercury in energy-saving lamps, once distributed into the air, it is very easy to cause environmental pollution.

6. From the price, we can also see the gap between the two. The market price of normal led lights is much more expensive than that of energy-saving lamps.